Madhav Seva Foundation

Madhav Seva Foundation was commenced in March 2005 to provide necessary support to poor and needy students to get better education and develop their personality with values and add to their self-confidence. This is achieved through various small but effective projects.

Education is the foundation of a country’s future and is a very critical factor in nation-building. But in our nation, education has been divided into multiple layers based on monetary affluence. On one side, kids from affluent families have access to the best equipped, well managed schools and on the other hand, poor kids go to schools without even minimum facilities and poor infrastructure. We all have to agree with the fact that many talented kids are born in poor families too. But, without necessary facilities and infrastructure in their educational background, these gifted kids lack self-confidence and do not achieve success commensurate with their potential. This is one of the reasons why more than half of the country’s population continues to remain poor and end up leading to a difficult life.

Madhav Seva Foundation is conducting different programs with an aim to increase the self-confidence amongst such talented kids from poor families. These Children are selected at small age and are provided with necessary inputs so that with their increased abilities, they will not only be able to achieve greater success but also be active, generous, pragmatic and cultured in their social life. The Foundation aims that these very kids after growing return their abilities to help their generation to achieve the same success and help the beloved Country to achieve its maximum potential.